All That Glitters

A Fantasy Renaissance Tabletop Role-Playing Game

All That Glitters is a fantasy tabletop role-playing game set in a world inspired by the late medieval to early renaissance period. There's fantasy races like dwarves and elves, knights in shining armor, a sprinkling of gunpowder, and an entire spectrum of magical spells. Central to the game is the call to adventure, as souls of every stripe leave behind the comfortable and familiar in order to bravely explore the unknown, fight evil, or find their fortune—often all three at once!

So what's unique about All That Glitters?

All That Glitters is designed to capture the essence of swords-and-torches swashbuckling while providing a combat and spellcasting framework that is easy to expand, modify, and homebrew. The combat system is designed to capture much of the nuance of actual martial combat without getting bogged down in spreadsheets and mathematical formulas. Combat is fast-paced, decisive, and meaningful, so that players can get back to the story—or the next combat encounter! Finally, the leveling system is designed to ensure every choice offers a meaningful tradeoff of one utility for another. After all, if nothing is forgone, nothing is truly chosen!

These are the primary design goals of the game:

  1. To create a framework that integrates combat with interactive storytelling.
  2. To limit complexity to what can reasonably be done with dice and scratch paper.
  3. To provide game masters with guidelines for creating balanced homebrew content.
  4. To treat the acquisition of loot as a core part of the leveling process.
  5. To increase flexibility when leveling characters, without sacrificing variety or balance.

If you're interested in playing the game, you're welcome to begin by reading the Player's Handbook.
If you're interested in running a game, I suggest reading the Dungeon Master's Guide.
Character sheets are available here with an optional second page available here.

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